About Us

GVNMNT stands to represent people and their independence along with the struggles they face whatever their background, environment or circumstance.

This was the inspiration behind what you see in our collections. GVNMNT is a backlash of revelation through statements and designs that allows people to say what they feel through expression, merely by making the decision to wear this brand. When people don’t feel heard they can now say it without words.

GVNMNT stands to serve us not the other way round. Its ideology is inspired by real issues people face every day and liberation against ever growing frustration. This ‘party’ is an open one and privilege of membership is not restricted by austerity, wealth, bloodline, or by inherited habituation. It does not impose judgement.

In a time where political organisations and authorities in general are progressively gaining more doubt and an increased loss in confidence, society is facing an anger overhaul. Many of the indigenous share a twisted admiration for aristocracy, an innate bias for the privileged, an irk for elitism and sensitivity for the sworn in.

GVNMNT is a stand against being on the receiving end of assumption and judgement. It aims to spin this growing frustration towards our self-serving often perceived ‘corrupt’ leaders of commerce and politics and channel that frustration into creating something positive off its back.

GVNMNT wants to make steps and progress in its forward philosophy, stimulating a want for independence, self-education and imagination.

Our mission proves to represent and express underground culture, fashioning high quality products and garments for active, attitude conscious lifestyles.

It is a streetwear brand offering a collection available to anyone with unquestionable quality, adaptable to any lifestyle. We as the creators are building this brand label for a school of thought adopted by our striving and misrepresented youth. GVNMNT is now.

We represent fashion, music and social reactions with one eye on the future, the name begins and ends with you.